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Trucks, Trailers and Lorries

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ALIEN TAPE Duct Tape 48mm x 20m.

UV stable and waterproof Alien Tape will stick to all surface types and withstand weathering other duck tapes can't resist.
From £5.80 incl VAT

EPDM Liquid Roof

Liquid roof sealant to stop leaks in your caravan and motorhome . Quick and easy to apply in your own drive.
£32.23 incl VAT

Butyl Repair Tape and Fabric

Low profile doubled sided repair tape and reinforcing fabric, use with Liquid Roof.
£11.78 incl VAT

Super Armour Clear Rubber

Protect your skylights, facade and statues for up to 15 years after a single application
£33.79 incl VAT

MS Polymer Adhesive Sealant

Don't have the disappointment of Silicon! M S Polymer is a hybrid sealant and adhesive for all sorts of leak repairs and fixes. Clear sealant.
£7.00 incl VAT


Fix that hole, crack or damage today with no mixing or mess. FREE SHIPPING
£10.74 incl VAT

UV Curing Polyester Resin - no mess

Use as a top coat or primer for Speed Patch.
£6.54 incl VAT