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The only company ever to succeed in creating EPDM in a liquid form. These guys are coatings giants over in America, and their expert products are now available for your roof repair or facade protection. Specialising in premium quality coatings for flat roof repair, metal roof repair, and gutter repair, they can stop leaks and give you a beautifully smooth roof after just a simple application.

Their decades of experience and technical know how make them the envy of other manufacturers, and their reputation for creating reliable repairs that'll stay watertight in the long run have kept them in business all over the world. In short, every product that proudly displays the ProGuard logo is extremely well designed and guaranteed to get the job done. Sit back and enjoy years of weatherproofing.

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EPDM Liquid Roof

Liquid roof sealant to stop leaks in your caravan and motorhome . Quick and easy to apply in your own drive.
£32.23 incl VAT

EPDM Liquid Rubber

EPDM rubber in a liquid form for easy application and waterproofing of roofs to give a seamless finish and stop corrosion
£32.23 incl VAT

EPDM Rubber Sealant

A heavy duty sealant to protect against water intrusion on protective enclosures.
£51.05 incl VAT

Liquid Roof Kit 1 US Pint

For small leaks and repairs, keep handy in your caravan or motor home for an emergency.
£51.45 incl VAT

Liquid Roof Kit 1 US Gallon

Seal and protect with durability for years to come, no leaks no matter what the weather.
£120.45 incl VAT

Moisture Cure Rubber

Stop leaks and waterproof your caravan or motor home roof at the coldest time of the year with the fast curing Moisture Cure.
£46.62 incl VAT

Proflex Clear Blue Primer

Tough Flexible epoxy, used as a primer for all Liquid EPDMs where required. Size 2 US Quarts, click for more information.
£66.03 incl VAT

Proflex Clear Epoxy

This product is a unique, extremely flexible, two-component epoxy membrane. It is solvent-free and exhibits excellent tensile strength and elongation under ambient as well as colder temperatures.
£65.93 incl VAT