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AT Primer S

AT Primer S, Solvent based primer to be used on porous substrates and previously coated surfaces.
£4.80 incl VAT

Brush for Resins, Rubber etc

Plastic handle industrial brush. Heat bonded bristles so that it doesn't fall apart straight away in resins and solvent based products.
£0.67 incl VAT

Butyl Tape Fleece Backed, 100mm x 10m.

DIY repair that combined with Alltimes Liquid Rubber to seal asbestos cracks.
£18.85 incl VAT

Liquid Gutter Primer, 2.5 KG.

A one process application that can be used on many substrates and be applied on to damp and rusty surfaces.
£96.66 incl VAT

Liquid Gutter Primer, 5 KG.

A one process application that can be used on many substrates.
£180.10 incl VAT

Liquid Gutter, 2.5kg, Medium Grey.

A long lasting rapid curing Liquid Gutter system. See below for details
£96.66 incl VAT

Proflex Clear Blue Primer

Tough Flexible epoxy, used as a primer for all Liquid EPDMs where required. Size 2 US Quarts, click for more information.
£66.03 incl VAT

Proflex Clear Epoxy

This product is a unique, extremely flexible, two-component epoxy membrane. It is solvent-free and exhibits excellent tensile strength and elongation under ambient as well as colder temperatures.
£65.93 incl VAT