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Products tagged with 'Metal roof repair'

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Brush for Resins, Rubber etc

Plastic handle industrial brush. Heat bonded bristles so that it doesn't fall apart straight away in resins and solvent based products.
£0.67 incl VAT

Butyl Repair Tape and Fabric

Low profile doubled sided repair tape and reinforcing fabric, use with Liquid Roof.
£11.78 incl VAT

Butyl Tape Fleece Backed, 100mm x 10m.

DIY repair that combined with Alltimes Liquid Rubber to seal asbestos cracks.
£18.85 incl VAT

Butyl Tape, 6mm x 50mm x 5m.

Thick butyl that completely covers vulnerable boltheads when used with a liquid rubber product.
£14.76 incl VAT

EPDM Liquid Rubber

EPDM rubber in a liquid form for easy application and waterproofing of roofs to give a seamless finish and stop corrosion
£32.23 incl VAT

MS Polymer Adhesive Sealant

Don't have the disappointment of Silicon! M S Polymer is a hybrid sealant and adhesive for all sorts of leak repairs and fixes. Clear or White sealant.
£5.98 incl VAT

Paint mixer 75mm

Paint Mixer. Width 75mm.
£3.37 incl VAT

Paint mixer 80mm

Paint Mixer. Width 80mm.
£3.48 incl VAT

Paint mixer 9"

Paint Mixer. Width 9"
£4.19 incl VAT

Premium Thinners

Used for thinning some of our solvent based coatings, as well as cleaning tools.
£43.20 incl VAT


Fix that hole, crack or damage today with no mixing or mess. FREE SHIPPING
£10.74 incl VAT

Thin Butyl Repair Tape 0.6mm x 75mm x 5m and 75m

A low profile Butyl Tape to be used with Liquid Rubber EPDM.
£5.15 incl VAT