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Porous roof sheets

Asbestos Porous Roof Repair Kits

Get the asbestos porous roof sheet repair kits you’ve been searching for

Looking for easy to use repair kits for your specific asbestos roofing issue? All products across this category are built with ease of use and durability in mind. It doesn’t matter if you are new to DIY, or are a roofing professional looking to upgrade the range of products you use for asbestos roof repairs, the range of repair kits and tools from GooForIt are incredibly easy to use, and proven to be long-lasting and capable of repairing a wide variety of asbestos roofing issues. The products below will allow you to prime, repair and prevent future issues occurring on your roof. Take a look at the featured products and product range below for a professional solution without the professional price tag.

Repair Kit for Leaking Asbestos Roof Sheets

If your roof is aged and damaged and you’re looking for a repair kit to address the issues which have occurred, then look no further than the asbestos leaking roof sheets repair kit. Like the entire range of applications and kits on the GooForIt site, this repair kit was built with ease of use in mind, assembled by professionals and used by professionals across the country and beyond. The repair kit comes with max-strength butyl tape, the extra-durable AllTimes liquid rubber for a maximum-hold coating, a step-by-step guide for homeowners new to DIY and roof repair products, a 50mm brush and disposable gloves for safety and ease of application. If you’re looking for a repair solution for your asbestos roof, then GooForIt have got you covered.

Internal Crack Repair – Porous Roof Sheets

The internal crack repair tool from GooForIt makes the perfect addition to the asbestos leaking roof sheets repair kit. Adding to the ease of use and usability of the GooForIt products, you can now apply the MS Polymer and GooForIt crack repair products with ease using the handy internal applicator gun. If you’re new to roof repairs and DIY roofing repair solutions, then the featured products in this category are a must-have to get you started, and get the issue solved with ease.

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Asbestos Leaking roof sheets repair kit

An easy to use asbestos roof repair kit to waterproof your roof. Works well on aged and damaged roofs. 5m kit contains: 5m AT Fleece Back Roof Repair Tape, 250ml AT S Primer, Reinforced Liquid Rubber 2kg, 2 x 2" Brush, 100ml A Clean, 2 x gloves. 10m kit contains: 10m AT Fleece Back Roof Repair Tape, 500ml AT S Primer, Reinforced Liquid Rubber 5kg, 2 x 2" Brush, 100ml A Clean, 2 x gloves. 40m kit contains: 40m AT Fleece Back Roof Repair Tape, 1 lt AT S Primer, 2 x Reinforced Liquid Rubber 5kg, 3 x 2" Brush, 100ml A Clean, 3 x gloves.
£69.99 incl VAT

Roof Crack Repair from inside

A repair solution to fix your roof crack from the inside. Price includes delivery and VAT.
£13.20 incl VAT

Alltimes Liquid Rubber Roofing For Asbestos Roofs

Excellent adhesion, durability and resistance to cold make this liquid rubber the perfect long term solution for leaking asbestos roofs. Choose either a 10 or 20 years of waterproofing for asbestos roofs.
£56.02 incl VAT