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We are pleased to announce that we are now The South West Suppliers of Noxyde - the Ultimate water-based corrosion protection for cladding. Not only does it improve cladding lifetime, but it's much more cost effective than replacement and is easy to apply, saving you both time and money.
If your metal roof is suffering from rust, cracks and holes, then put a stop to it today. 10 reasons why EPDM Liquid Rubber will prevent cut edge corrosion and save your metal roof
If you have a broken asbestos, flat or metal roof which is suffering from cracks and holes, then we provide top of the range liquid roof coatings which will waterproof and protect your roof for up to 25 years.
If you have a hole or crack in your asbestos, metal or flat roof, then you can fix it with our repair kit. Say goodbye to your leaking roof with our easy to use, effective solution.
It's time to protect your roof this winter and avoid cracks and holes which result in your roof leaking and becoming damaged. This flat roof in Gloucestershire had an issue with ponding water, instantly, we knew that Alltimes Liquid rubber for flat roofs would be the ideal, long term solution for this job, with excellent adhesion, durability and resistance to cold.
If you have a leaking, broken gutter, repair it today with LiquidGutter! With 30 minute cure time which can be applied in cold temperatures, leaving your gutter waterproofed and looking great for up to 20 years.
What's worse than a leaking roof?...A leaking roof when it starts to rain! It's that time of year again when the rain hits hard and water can find its way into small cracks and holes in the roof, leaving puddles of water dripping on the floor. Fix your leaking roof with our emergency waterproofing repair solution and say goodbye to your leaky roof!
Protect your roof, gutters and walls this cold Winter! If you're looking to repair your asbestos, metal or flat roof, gutter, or prevent penetrating damp on your walls, then we give you emergency repair products as well as long-term protection, so you can have a worry-free winter!
When it comes to protecting your roof, you don't have to choose between colour and long lasting, effective repair. This leaking GRP roof in Hampshire, needed an effective repair, while still wanting to keep the green colour of the roof. Alltimes liquid Rubber Roof Coating provided the ideal answer.
Imagine if your brickwork had the ability to repel water, leaving you with a dry, healthy looking property for years to come. You could watch the relentless rain and storms try and break in to your building, knowing that water will simply bounce off the surface.