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When it comes to protecting your roof, you don't have to choose between colour and long lasting, effective repair. This leaking GRP roof in Hampshire, needed an effective repair, while still wanting to keep the green colour of the roof. Alltimes liquid Rubber Roof Coating provided the ideal answer.
Imagine if your brickwork had the ability to repel water, leaving you with a dry, healthy looking property for years to come. You could watch the relentless rain and storms try and break in to your building, knowing that water will simply bounce off the surface.
Don't neglect tired looking roofs and start giving them the treatment they need! If you're not sure on which liquid rubber is right for you, then our comparison will give you some information you need.
If you have an asbestos roof, then you can fix and protect it for up to 25 years using Alltimes liquid Rubber. Not only does it stop your roof soaking up water, but also silences from the inside.
If you like the look of our free training but are unsure if it's right for you, then look no further! Here we tell you all the information you need about our training and exactly what you can expect when you sign up!
Are you looking to waterproof an area of your old asbestos roof? Then our thick and robust Alltimes rubber roof coating is for you!
A completely broken gutter can be a nightmare to fix, so this quick and easy solution will repair it within minutes!
Get your hole or crack repaired with the no-mess fibreglass patch that hardens into a completely weatherproof sealant. Far more durable than bitumen based leak solutions, and has the durability and watertight reliability of favourite, GRP.
Easy to apply breathable penetrating damp treatments.
Why use anything else that might not be compatible. This is the only true EPDM in liquid form in the world. Save time and money with a straight to membrane coating that has the same properties as the original roof and will move the same way to prevent delamination.