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Membrane Repair

Why waste time and money on 3,4,5 products, when just 1 will do the job?

Time intensive primers? Back-breaking multiple layers?

Frustrating, right?

Forget these expensive complications and win over customers with a highly durable single coat system -- no special skills required.

Plus, premium grade chemistry means you can apply in the short weather windows that other contractors can't keep up with.

Perfect for EPDM, PVC, Hypalon and TPO roofs -- with the high flexibility those membranes need.

1) Moisture Cured Liquid Rubber for your membrane roof

Ready for rain in just 1-3 hours, even in the low temperatures that ruin most coatings.

And super speed doesn't mean super-high prices or comprimised longevity. Moisture Cure offers 10 years of waterproofing.

You can now get years of worry-free weatherproofing with the advanced durability of this tough rubber, and still avoid the high street price tag.

What about your usual coatings supplier? Quite simply, you won't find the same standard of coatings there. We have exclusive distribution rights for the US company Proguard Coatings, the geniuses behind Moisture Cure. This means you can only get their superior products online.

Unlike other flat roof coatings, Moisture Cure doesn't need a primer, reinforcing matting, or any special skills. And a unique cure mechanism lets you fix your roof during the colder weather without the hefty winter applications or bumped up prices.

Order Moisture Cure today and stop your leak ASAP

Flat roof repair             Flat roof repair

2) Pour N Plug Emergency Roof Repair

The ultimate instant repair for the wettest of conditions.

Heavy rain? Standing water? No problem for this high density solution that can end your leak today. Pour directly through ponding water and Pour N Plug will sink to form an instantly watertight seal around the hole or crack. 

Application could not be easier. Simple stir in the catalyst and pour the solution out. 

Perfect for instantly sealing your membrane roof and stopping water from wrecking your building and posessions.

How come you haven't heard of Pour N Plug before? This unique solution is created by the coatings experts behind Liquid EPDM, the liquid rubber that changed the roofing industry. The company is Proguard and is based in the US. That's why you won't find their advanced products at your local DIY store. We're exclusive distributors, and you can now get these superior products delivered straight to your front door.

Order your Pour N Plug and be a leak-stopping-hero

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