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ISO Paint

ISO Paint are the market leaders for coatings in the competitive Scandinavian and Northern European markets, and you can now get their expert solutions here in the UK. Nothing says quality more than the ISO Paint label. Having been in the industry for over 45 years, ISO Paint know how to develop highly effective coatings, paints and treatments at the best possible prices. 

This has given them a worldwide reputation for premium products that contractors come back to time and time again. Whether it's treating damp, stopping leaks or painting roofs, ISO Paint have a tried and tested solution. Quality quality quality is what they're all about. Every product is refined by coatings experts until it's perfect. The result is drier, healthier and brighter walls. As well as waterproof and attractive roofs that'll stay brighter for longer.

  • Treat penetrating damp and get easier to clean exterior walls with the impregnation ISO Dry Creme
  • Prepare and clean walls and roofs with the specialist biocide A-Clean
  • Choose from over 26 different colours, with 12 on speedy delivery with ISOnit roof paint
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HydroBlock WB

Prevent penetrating damp. Have waterproof and self-cleaning walls with this invisible treatment.
£11.81 incl VAT

Iso A Clean

Easily clean moss and algae from roofs, patios, drives, decks, concrete and walls with this powerful biocide solution cleaner.
From £6.00 incl VAT

Iso Dry Creme Extreme 10L

Seal your walls for up to 25 years, protect brick, stone, concrete, and other mineral surfaces.
£171.07 incl VAT

Iso Silicone Facade Primer 25L

Unpigmented primer with excellent penetration. Iso Silicone Facade Primer is hydrophobic and enhances the substrate. It is used before treatment with ISO Silicone Fa├žade Paint.
From £121.55 incl VAT

Isonit Roof Paint for tiles

Isonit Roof Paint for tiles is for those who want the best. Big range of colours to protect and enhance tiled roofs. Excellent adhesion and long lasting using nano technology.
£118.85 incl VAT

ProCover WB

The latest coating advancement, protect your paving and minimise future cleaning.
From £15.47 incl VAT

Silicone Facade Paint Colours 10L

Unique silicone masonry paint that uses the latest nano technology to stay brighter for longer. Self cleaning properties and high water resistance can keep your building truly dry.
From £84.60 incl VAT

Silicone Facade Paint White 9l

Iso Silicone Facade, high quality masonry paint with the latest nano technology giving long life, breathability and stays cleaner whilst keeping your home dry.
From £76.14 incl VAT