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Gutter repair

The top 3 professional gutter coatings

Be a hero-contractor by giving your customers the longevities they want, and still enjoy the quick and easy applications that save you time and money. 

And never let the conditions hold you back with these all-weather solutions. Plus, why bother with back-breaking multiple layers?

All you need is a specialised coating that makes industrial gutter repair quick and easy. And with impressive longevities, these premium coatings offer exceptional cost-effectiveness. 

No more waiting around for custom made gutter liners.

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1) For 10-20 year warranties, freezing conditions and short weather windows, use the rapid curing LiquidGutter

2) Overcome damp concrete problems with the Moisture Cure Liquid Rubber, and be ready for rain in just 1-3 hours

3) Save the day with the emergency underwater roof repair, Pour N Plug

1) LiquidGutter the all-weather coating for 20 years of watertight guttering.

The intensely durable and fast to cure gutter lining system that overcomes weather barriers.

Got a freezing cold day and a short weather window? No problem for the rapid curing LiquidGutter system, capable of fixing your leak at -5ºC and curing in under an hour.

Why settle for a wait-till-spring gutter coating? By then the competition may have snapped up your quotes. Not anymore. You can now get up to 20 years of perfectly sealed gutters in just a few hours -- despite the winter cold.

'We've used LiquidGutter many times now and we've found it to be a really reliable leak stopper. It's tough and straightforward to apply. The team are always friendly and helpful and delivery times are great.'

-Paul, Gutter Gremlin Ltd.

Order LiquidGutter today and seal your gutters ASAP

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2) Moisture Cure Liquid Rubber for Concrete gutters

Perfect for sealing your concrete gutters, even if its damp and rain is on the way.

You'll never get a concrete gutter completey dry. It's just not possible. Concrete is famous for remaining stubbornly damp and ruining coatings. Moisture Cure overcomes this to give you the long term waterproofing you can rely on.

A specialist cure method means you can apply straight onto damp surfaces and your gutters will be ready for rain within just 1-3 hours. Ideal for saving you time and money and still giving you years of stress-free waterproofing.

Simply combine with the MS Polymer and reinforcing matting on gutter joints.

Moisture Cure is from the same experts that changed the roofing world with Liquid EPDM (ProGuard), and Moisture Cure builds on that same intense durability, while benefiting from a quick and easy application. 

How much extra will a primer or reinforcing matting cost you? Moisture Cure cuts out these costs. All you need is this highly durable rubber. Superior chemistry means you still get incredible waterproofing from an easy DIY application.

Buy your Moisture Cure here and enjoy watertight confidence in your gutter system

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3) Pour N Plug Emergency Gutter Repair

What's holding you back? The cold? The rain? Even a river of standing water? Not anymore. End your frustration instantly. Finally, there's an emergency solution that you can apply in the wettest and windiest conditions.

Pour N Plug is lesson 1 of how to impress a customer. Stop their leak today and you'll be top of their mind for future work.

This is the latest advanced coating from the geniuses over at ProGuard, creators of the market-changing Liquid EPDM.

This unique high density coating creates an instantly watertight seal around holes and cracks, even under standing water. Pour N Plug enables you to get it right the first time around and stop your leak today.

Be a hero and order your Pour N Plug today

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