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Fibreglass roof repair

Problems with your fibreglass roof? We have a range of solutions from instant repairs to longer term whole roof coating systems. 

Whilst fibreglass roofing is extremely durable, it can be prone to cracking and growing brittle over time. Repairs can be expensive and GRP can be temperamental to apply - the chemical components must measured to exact amounts and the temperature and humidity conditions must be optimal. 

At Goo for It we have several products which are easy to use, cost effective and can stop leaks and extend the life and durability of your roof.

We can advise on any Fibreglass repair project, now matter how big or small, just give us a call on 01453 872850.

GRP Hole repairs:

  • Speedpatch - For an easy, effective fix we have the Speedpatch, a self adhesive patch that comes in 3 sizes, dries in exposure to UV light and and will instantly seal holes.The Speedpatch must be TWICE the size of the hole and the remainder of the sheet must be sound.

Whole Fibreglass Roof Coating Solutions:

We have 3 liquid rubber systems which will waterproof your GRP roof with a flexible rubber coating that cures to a pliable membrane and is UV and temperature tolerant.

  • Alltimes Liquid Rubber – a robust, longer lasting two coat system with a primer and top coat. Available in white and grey. This can be applied at lower temepratures and cures faster than the Liquid EPDM.
  • Liquid EPDM - a faster to apply one coat system that can be applied directly to the GRP roof after cleaning, at temperatures above 12 degrees Celsius. Available in white and grey. 
  • Moisture Cure – a one coat system Moisture Curing Rubber cures at a lower temperture than EPDM can be applied directly to the GRP roof, after cleaning. Available in white and grey or if you need a tranluscent finish the Crystal Clear Super Armour is your answer.


For expert advice and guidance give us a call on 01453 872850.

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MS Polymer Adhesive Sealant

Don't have the disappointment of Silicon! M S Polymer is a hybrid sealant and adhesive for all sorts of leak repairs and fixes. Clear sealant.
£7.00 incl VAT


Fix that hole, crack or damage today with no mixing or mess. FREE SHIPPING
£10.74 incl VAT

UV Curing Polyester Resin - no mess

Use as a top coat or primer for Speed Patch.
£6.54 incl VAT

Alltimes Liquid Rubber Roofing For Asbestos Roofs

Excellent adhesion, durability and resistance to cold make this liquid rubber the perfect long term solution for leaking asbestos roofs. Choose either a 10 or 20 years of waterproofing for asbestos roofs.
£56.02 incl VAT

Alltimes Everyhwhere Clean for roofs

An eco-friendly cleaner to clean the moss and grime off your roof. Alltimes Everywhere Clean gives professional results at an affordable price.
£6.78 incl VAT