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Concrete Driveway Coatings

Concrete Driveway Coatings

Not all concrete driveway coatings are the same. Procover uses the latest nano technology to penetrate deeply into the concrete and reaxts with the material to beome part odf the drive - not an easily worn surface coating. Proover is great for drives and pations where there si the possiblities of oils and fats becuase of the reisitance against them. If you do ont have this ris kyou can use the stadnard HydroBlock damp selaer.

The impregnatiing sealers help greartly to keep your drive clean or patio cleamner fr years to come and reduce frost damge from damp cocnrete or brick.

To order now or for more infomation please call 01453 872850

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Alltimes Everywhere Clean for paving and patios

Eco-friendly patio and paving cleaner that will not cause any harm to your surrounding plants and flowers.
£6.78 incl VAT