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Caravan Shower Trays

Caravan Shower Tray Treatment Solutions

Rubber Coating for your caravan shower tray, skylights and more

Waterproofing the interior of your caravan or property is often an overlooked task, usually until it’s too late and costly professional help is then a necessity to get the interior back up to scratch. Shower trays are such an item, and like any part of your caravan you may treat and coat with a sealant/protective solution, the shower tray will need it too. Waterproofing for the bathroom in your caravan is a necessity, and with GooForIt, you can get these products at an amazing price, so you can carry out treatments on your vehicle at your convenience.

Waterproofing your caravan interior

With the Super Armour Clear Rubbing Coating, you’re never going to have to worry about the smaller, hard to solve and overlooked waterproofing tasks related to your caravan ever again. Not only used on vehicles, the rubber coating is a favourite with commercial homeowners too, who use the solution to treat everything from garden statues and furniture, to treating internal damp and even exterior artwork such as graffiti and large outdoor pieces. Simply put, if you need to weatherproof an addition or aspect of your property but aren’t sure about how to do it, or are worried that you’ll need to spend a fortune on a specialist product, then the Super Armour Rubber Coating is here to set any of those worries aside.

Using the Super Armour Clear Rubber Coating

This product is used to fully waterproof internal and external surfaces, leaving the surface with a fully waterproof, weatherproof and sealed treatment. The coating is developed with a UV absorber, which is particularly useful for external treatments of properties and vehicles which are exposed to weather 24/7. With the UV treatment absorption aspect of this professional solution, you can rest assured that the treatment has secured the external coating of the surface. Curing in 1-3 hours, this treatment dries fast, so you can apply and watch it dry with ease.

Get the waterproofing treatments you need for your caravan from GooForIt

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An eco-friendly cleaner that takes all the algae and grime of f your caravan to leave it looking as good as new. Can be used as a TFR.
£6.78 incl VAT