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Caravan Roof Repair Products

Caravan Roof Repair Products

Take a look at the caravan roof repair products from GooForIt

Do you need to repair the roof on your caravan, but don’t want to incur the hefty cost of having a professional do it for you? Maybe you think that treating, sealing, waterproofing or repairing the roof on your caravan is too complex to carry out the task yourself? Think again! With all of the GooForIt products across our ranges, we guarantee that you will be able to apply the products and treat the issue yourself. Whether that issue is a leaking roof on your property, a cracked caravan roof light, or any vehicle or part of your property which requires immediate waterproofing and sealant treatment, then you’ll be able to find the product to fit your needs with GooForIt.

Liquid Roof Kits – Caravan Emergency Roof Leak Kits

The liquid roof kits from our range are perfect for both long-term caravan roof coating, and to have with you in your caravan in the event an emergency leak occurs. If you’ve ever worried about the waterproof qualities and durability of the roof of your caravan, (particularly after a bout of bad weather) then you can rest assured that our range of liquid roof sealants will treat any issues rapidly, and leave the caravan with a fast-acting and long-lasting solution which will be secured for the duration. With just a single coat application, you can immediately stop any occurrences of roof leaks, meaning you won’t have to cut any holiday or travel plans short. The GooForIt liquid roof sealants are portable and easy to use right out of the box, and are a trusted go-to with caravan owners who like to have a solution for any leaking and sealant issues which may occur.

Flat Vehicle Roof Moisture Cure

If your caravan is left outside, has been braving all weathers without recent waterproofing, or if you generally want to ensure that the roof on your vehicle or flat roof is completely prepared for anything nature can throw at it, then you can’t go wrong with the Moisture Cure Rubber solution from GooForIt. You’ll never have to worry about pools of water causing an issue on your vehicle again, and with our easy to use applications, you can treat your caravans’ roof at your leisure!

Winter-proofing the roof on your caravan

Want to make sure the roof on your caravan is proofed for winter, for extreme weather and low temperatures? It’s often easy to worry about cracks, leaks and damage due to plummeting temperatures and harsh weather, but with the GooForIt Winter Caravan & Motor Home Roof Repair Kit you’ll never have to give it a second thought. A long-term watertight seal, this solution is the complete package when it comes to weatherproofing and sealing your caravan roof with ease.

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Butyl Repair Tape and Fabric

Low profile doubled sided repair tape and reinforcing fabric, use with Liquid Roof.
£11.78 incl VAT

MS Polymer Adhesive Sealant

Don't have the disappointment of Silicon! M S Polymer is a hybrid sealant and adhesive for all sorts of leak repairs and fixes. Clear sealant.
£7.00 incl VAT

Alltimes Everywhere Clean for Caravans

An eco-friendly cleaner that takes all the algae and grime of f your caravan to leave it looking as good as new. Can be used as a TFR.
£6.78 incl VAT