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The Three Little Piggies and Three Leaking Roofs

The Three Little Piggies and the Three Leaking Asbestos Roofs


The November rains hit the little piggies' roofs hard, and water found its way into cracks in the roof and down gaps next to chimneys, dripping onto each of the pig's floors. Nobody likes a leak, especially one that comes through an a...

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Contractors, make more money with rapid curing this winter

Roofers, use Rapid Curing to Make This the Best Winter Yet


Leave your competitors on the sidelines and spend the next few months completing the roofing jobs they penciled in for Springtime. What if you could give customers the service they want, whenever they want with application temperatures o...

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SpeedPatch - instant patch repair to almost anything

Stick Em Up
Introducing our fast repair product – Speed Patch

Most good trades know that patching it up isn’t what you’re supposed to do, but with our latest product ‘Speed Patch’ you can create quick curing, hardwearing, long lasting and effective repairs doing just that. It’s pretty much perfect ...

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Roofing Repair Products - what you need to know

We pride ourselves on our expert knowledge. Not just of our own products - we’ve tried and tested quite a few!  But on all kinds of projects – large and small. So we know the questions most people have and the problems they come across.  We thought you might find it useful to share some of the most ...

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Fast Roof Repairs during winter

With cold, wet and windy weather upon us, you need products you can rely on to make rapid repairs that stand up to even the worst conditions. A top notch toolkit will help you keep one step ahead of seasonal maintenance and ensure you can protect your property - or that of your customers - against e...

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Roofing contractors - Don’t let the weather make or break you


It’s a tough season for people maintaining properties and surroundings against the onslaught of the elements. But you still need to keep working and making a living.

The variety of weather conditions - frost, ice, snow, rain and wind - means there are many issues that can arise. This is why we h...

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