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Asbestos Roof Repairs

Asbestos Roof Repair


Seal everything from a leaking asbestos garage roof, to thousands of meters of industrial asbestos roofing

Save time and money with the DIY asbestos roof repair kits. No need for contractors or expensive asbestos dismantling or disposal. Top quality asbestos roof repair products make this a safe and effective way to stop your leak ASAP.  


Asbestos Roof Repair Kits

These handy kits give you everything you need for specific asbestos roof repair jobs. Bolt holes often get worn and the seals go. They can be rusted and loose but impossible to remove. Our kit, inlcuding a nice chunky rubber tape for patches is just the job. If you just have a crack or three, there is a kit especially for that. Other kits include itmes for instantly repairing holes and a more general kit, where you might have a crack or two, in addition to some general porosity through some roof sheets.  

Every asbestos roof repair kit comes with a step by step photo guide that makes repair safe, easy and watertight.


And for long term refurbishment, please contact us on 01453 872850. 


How can we help with your asbestos roof repairs?