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Repair the hole in your asbestos roof

Get the roof hole repair products you’ve been looking for

Have you noticed a leak, a crack or glaring hole in your asbestos roof, and are in desperate need of a trusted solution? Maybe you are a roofing professional and are looking for roofing products approved by professionals which are capable of repairing a hole? Whatever the issue with your asbestos roof, we have the products you need at GooForIt. Take a look at the range of products below for the complete package of roof hole, crack and leak repair products. Solve the issue with your asbestos roof with the product range from GooForIt.

Asbestos Roof & Gutter Hole Repair Kits

A firm favourite of professional roofers and homeowners alike, the asbestos roof and gutter hole repair kit is the ultimate solution for tackling your roofing issue. From minor leaks and cracks to holes in roofs and gutters, this kit has the easy to use tools to get the job done, and get it done fast. And when it comes to roof repair products, you’re going to want a fast-acting range which is both easy to use, and easy to apply. The roof and gutter hole repair kit comes with a SpeedPatch for rapid hole fixes, a UV Curing Resin which works as a primer and adds durability (and longevity) to the SpeedPatch, the ISO A-Clean (a specialist roof cleaner used by the professionals to prepare a surface before treatment), a brush and disposable gloves for safe and secure work. The kit also comes with a handy guide which will walk you through how to use the products, so there’s no problem if you’re new to DIY roof repairs. Whether you’re a homeowner or professional, the roof and gutter hole repair kit will give you the tools you need to get the job done right.

Asbestos Roof Bolt Repair Kit

When it comes to leaks, cracks and holes, many homeowners may just check the exterior of the roof, before calling in a professional if the cause of the leak is not immediately identifiable. A primary consideration when it comes to roof repairs is to ensure all bolts are primed and secured. This is often the cause of many leaks, and is an overlooked issue which can be easily resolved. With the bolt repair kit, you can seal the roof bolts on your property to ensure they are watertight, secure and no longer prone to leaks. Easy to use and long-lasting, the asbestos roof bolt repair kit is a must-have in any homeowners or professional roofers arsenal. Get the asbestos roof repair products you require below.

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Fix that hole, crack or damage today with no mixing or mess. FREE SHIPPING
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UV Curing Polyester Resin - no mess

Use as a top coat or primer for Speed Patch.
£6.54 incl VAT