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Crack Repair for Asbestos Roofs

Looking for crack repair products for your asbestos roof?

Whether you are a homeowner looking for professional roof crack repair products, or are a roofing professional in need of a trusted application for crack repair work on asbestos roofs, then you are in the right place with the GooForIt range of cracked roof repair products. A cracked roof can not be left alone to worsen, particular on a roof with asbestos which already has a weakened structure and is prone to cracks and leaks. From choosing to apply the applications yourself, to hiring a professional with a range of products necessary to get the job done right, take a look at the featured roof crack repair products from GooForIt below. If you’re looking for easy-to-use and fast-acting roof repair products, then you’ll find them at GooForIt.

GooForIt Asbestos Crack Repair Kit

This is the ideal product for professionals, commercial building owners and homeowners wondering how to repair a cracked asbestos roof and are considering what to use to repair cracks in asbestos roofs. Are you are looking for easy-to-use products with step-by-step guides to get the job done safely and efficiently? At GooForIt, we understand that you want to spend as little time as possible repairing your roof but want a long term solution, therefore the crack repair kit is the solution to getting the repairs done fast, with long-lasting applications and durability assured. The crack repair kit includes tough and durable butyl rubber tape for longevity, a primer to ensure adhesion of the tape, a brush for applying the primer and gloves to ensure that the cracked roof repair task is as safe and clean as possible. Discover the DIY asbestos cracked roof repair kit below.

Internal Asbestos Cracked Roof Repair

The internal crack repair MS Polymer is another tool to have to make applying the cracked roof repair products as easy as possible. Fast and easy to use, you can now apply the applications across a range of materials and substrates with ease.

Crack Repair Products for Asbestos Roofs

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AT Primer S

AT Primer S, Solvent based primer to be used on porous substrates and previously coated surfaces.
£4.80 incl VAT

Butyl Tape Fleece Backed, 100mm x 10m.

DIY repair that combined with Alltimes Liquid Rubber to seal asbestos cracks.
£18.85 incl VAT

Butyl Tape, 6mm x 50mm x 5m.

Thick butyl that completely covers vulnerable boltheads when used with a liquid rubber product.
£14.76 incl VAT

Foil Backed Butyl Tape

Tough sealant butyl tape to seal cracked asbestos roofs with a UV resistant foil so you won't need to put n a top coat.
£21.00 incl VAT