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Alltimes Coatings

Finally, a roof repair product that fits your requirements. Built on years of experience, our own range of solutions are designed to give you the longevity and durability you want, while staying within your budget.

Everything from hole and crack repair to full refurbishment. All designed for quick and easy DIY projects that can stop your leak ASAP. We only accept the best. In order to carry our label, a product must have proven itself over years of real world testing. This means that you can get the most durable roof repair products all in one place.

  • The no fuss DIY flat roof repair coating Overseal
  • Everything you need to seal holes and cracks in the Asbestos Roof Repair Kit
  • Emergency roof repair with the fibre reinforced and highly versatile StopGap
  • Gutter coating in the coldest of conditions with the rapid curing LiquidGutter
  • Single coat protection from cut edge corrosion with EdgeArmour
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Asbestos crack repair kit

Simple DIY kit to seal cracks and watertight your asbestos roof. Flexible, self-adhesive butyl tape with a UV foil to protect against all weather.
£44.99 incl VAT

Asbestos Leaking roof sheets repair kit

An easy to use asbestos roof repair kit to waterproof your roof. Works well on aged and damaged roofs.
£69.99 incl VAT

Asbestos roof and gutter hole repair kit

Easy to use asbestos roof repair kit to seal roof and gutter holes effectively for long-term results.
£33.99 incl VAT

Asbestos roof bolt repair kit

Roof bolt repair kit that quickly and easily seals over bolts to keep them watertight and prevent further leaks.
£55.99 incl VAT

AT Glassmat, 100gm.

Reinforcement that effortlessly forms around awkward angles for use with our rapid curing coatings. Suitable for balconies and cut-edge corrosion.
£45.70 incl VAT

AT Glassmat, 225gm.

Reinforcement that effortlessly forms around awkward angles for use with our rapid curing coatings. Suitable for industrial gutter repairs and protection.
£53.50 incl VAT

AT Primer S

AT Primer S, Solvent based primer to be used on porous substrates and previously coated surfaces.
£4.80 incl VAT

AT Primer W

AT Primer W, a water based primer to be used with AT products on porous surfaces and previously coated surfaces to ensure adhesion, click for more information.
£4.80 incl VAT