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Are you looking to waterproof an area of your old asbestos roof? Then our thick and robust Alltimes rubber roof coating is for you!
A completely broken gutter can be a nightmare to fix, so this quick and easy solution will repair it within minutes!
Get your hole or crack repaired with the no-mess fibreglass patch that hardens into a completely weatherproof sealant. Far more durable than bitumen based leak solutions, and has the durability and watertight reliability of favourite, GRP.
Easy to apply breathable penetrating damp treatments.
Featured products

Asbestos roof and gutter hole repair kit

Easy to use asbestos roof repair kit to seal roof and gutter holes effectively for long-term results.
£33.99 incl VAT

Asbestos crack repair kit

Simple DIY kit to seal cracks and watertight your asbestos roof. Flexible, self-adhesive butyl tape with a UV foil to protect against all weather.
£44.99 incl VAT

Asbestos Leaking roof sheets repair kit

An easy to use asbestos roof repair kit to waterproof your roof. Works well on aged and damaged roofs.
£69.99 incl VAT

Asbestos roof bolt repair kit

Roof bolt repair kit that quickly and easily seals over bolts to keep them watertight and prevent further leaks.
£55.99 incl VAT